Shuttle service

Between Amersfoort-Schothorst station and business park De Hoef.

Bato Personenvervoer organises passenger transport from Amersfoort-Schothorst station to business park De Hoef, where the current public transport is not or insufficiently regulated.
Companies located in De Hoef can use the shuttle services offered by Bato Personenvervoer.

Despite the good accessibility of De Hoef via Amersfoort-Schothorst station, a large number of employees still choose to go by car. This is partly due to the fact that there is no bus service available from the station. However, many companies do not have enough parking spaces on site, which leads employees to move their car to other places on De Hoef. This in turn causes problems in regard to parking.
Also, employees now have to walk longer distances to get to their work. If the weather is pleasant, it may not be much of a problem, but most employees find the additional walking time of up to twenty minutes undesirable.

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New! Shuttle service between Amersfoort-Schothorst station and business park De Hoef.