About Bato-Eemland Personenvervoer.
Professional service!

Bato-Eemland Personenvervoer wants to be a customer-friendly, reliable and secure passenger service. We strive for the highest quality and a solid and distinctive service to our customers.

We do this by paying constant attention to our customers, our employees and our equipment.
We seek to build lasting professional relationships with our clients, serving as their steady and reliable passenger service.

To our employees, we want to provide an environment where the range of work is diverse and the atmosphere pleasant and motivating.

And our equipment? That is receiving the care and maintenance it deserves.

Hard-working, reliable and service-oriented are the things that define us the most. Even though contact with our customers is sometimes brief, we strive for a lasting professional relationship. We want our customers to look for us as their steady and dependable passenger service. We are convinced that a good customer relationship benefits our services and that we can better anticipate your needs and transport wishes..

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